She not Sea!

I always have problem speaking words involving s,sh,b,w,j,z,g... And people often correct me too and it's quite funny as i know they helping me in improving only. Here goes my experience with it. I have/had a problem. Called it a misfeature. I guess all humans have faced In days of their miniature. Some for few days, few for no days. N like me some got no end days. Stammering, stuttering, sound disorder used to be called. But, once you grow up 'Mispronunciation' term oust these all. I asked them once, "Where is sea". They glared, asked if I meant "Where is she". To reciprocate not abnormally, I asked again. "Where in shitty"? They corrected, said "In city, not shitty". I nodded, I had to. And went on rehearsing those words like a nursery kid. They smiled on me, I on myself. It was once an election season. I was sitting on sofa, Indulged in Dinning room conversation.

IMDb 9.6/10

To, the ones who didn't watch. Recently the fifth and sadly the last episode of Kota Factory got released and I still couldn't get over my feeling of how amazing I found it. My six-days-long vacation was about to end (with no fulfillment of promises of watching many series and movies) ,when a message of shared youtube video popped up in my notification list. Sitting with my cousin, I was playing some random videos on TV. Before I could actually play that video, two more text of the same shared video came. Now my reason to watch that video got shifted to curiosity rather than out of boredom. 'Kota Factory EP01- Inventory' was the title (more got picturised in my mind as 'black and white something' as it is so :P). The narrator started with the word 'Kota' & as it moved forward, it awed completely with its serenity and chaos at the same time. I think 'nostalgia' is the word that hits hard first as the story moves. That guy, Vaibh

The day for me

Today Was holiday for the most citizens and the office goers. Was the day to sell Indian flags on roads for the child labourers. Was the day to change dp to tricolor for millennials. Was the day to play patriotic songs for clubs and malls. But for me it was a lot noticeable. Today on 72nd Independence day  rather than hosting flag or singing national anthem, I chose to write. It's not that I prefer it but I was left with this only. It whatever aspects the country have developed or became independent ..still seems to be less than the changes I feel taking place in my life. Today my liberty, my independence made me realise of those years that have passed leaving a ocean of memories in my head. N these nostalgic memories just tell one thing.. that our immature, childish age ..that phase was much loving & relaxing than today. Today when I woke up  .. all I could hear was the sound of patriotic songs, all I could see were the rallies of students with banners on roads. And

Mark Haddon's good read.

Hello world!     This time I've come up with the review of a book rather than my usual writing.   Being tired of looking at the same stocks of love stories and biographies (that revolve around love stories), I was beating the bushes for a different genre which I'd go for. And then my eyes fell on the novel, 'The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time'. But the portion above those eyes (my brain) took it as just another piece of story for passing my idle days till i could find a real masterpiece of other genre. I went through the reviews of different authors & editors given on the first and the last page of the book (this is a little my kind of appraisal), but the most satisfactory overview came from my cousin who recommended me this one. The first chapter is numbered as "2" (rather than the usual "1") and you will get to know why once you'll start reading. When I flipped through some pages, I found few pictures of smileys, n

It's all the perception

 Hello world! A few months ago, I step into the process of stalking few facebook accounts with my creepy binoculars and that made all difference. Made me to write this is one of the justification for saying this. Sense of the changed feeling in my heart till now is another one. What I did was very same , which I always used to do but, what I came across was quite different this time. Waking up again after the earlier sunrise had already made me sticken to bed. Sunrays falling through windows, brightening my room increased my laziness manifold. Covering my face with the blanket (so that I couldn't caught red handed using phone by my father ) , I logged into my fb account. Being tired of those old newsfeed (which I had checked just 7 hours ago), I clicked on search option. And this time without a drop of second , I typed Sarvesh Mehtani (Jee Advance 2017 AIR-1) and finally okay. Don't know why this name flashed suddenly in my brainsaver that time. To give myself an ob